In our Law Firm, we offer services in the following fields of practice

  1. Succession in Business
  2. Debt Collection
  3. Banks
  4. Bills of Exchange
  5. Online Business Law and Regulations
  6. Establishment and Transformation of Companies
  7. Ongoing Legal Counsel

Succession in Business

Business owners or shareholders of companies shouldn’t assume that they’re immortal. There are only two things certain in life - death and taxes. Death is one of the natural business risks, which are best foreseen. It’s worth taking this risk into account in order to minimise its negative impact on business.

Do you know what happens to a sole proprietorship in the event of the owner’s death? Did you know that employment agreements expire, bank accounts are frozen, even licenses expire, but the costs continue to grow week by week? Do you know who will pay these increasing company debts? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Did you know that in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code, a “spółka jawna” (registered partnership) is liquidated when one of its shareholders die?

Have you asked yourself the question about the fate of your company after you pass away? Is it to serve your spouse, or support the next generation?

Is the company to safely survive the death of one of the shareholders? Are the shareholders of the deceased shareholder to take his/her place in the company or would it be better for the shareholders not to enter the company?

These are just some of the questions that it would be good for you to ask. We will help you ask the right questions and select the safest solutions. We create the best business strategies to propel your business further into perpetuity.

Debt Collection

We specialise in legal action for the non-payment of invoices. Once we receive the full set of documents and there are no additional conflicts between the contractors in the case, the action is filed with the court within 24 hours. We choose the most cost effective and fastest proceedings as well as the most efficiently acting courts.

We handle cases on the court level and oversee bailiffs on the execution stage. Moreover, we refer cases only to the most reliable bailiffs.


Our lengthy experience in banking allows us to scrutinise contracts concluded with banks. We analyse credit agreements, transfers of title, assignments, bills of exchange and promissory notes, and mortgages. Did you know that a mortgage lawfully entered into the mortgage register many years ago can be cancelled just because the bank assigned the wrong kind of mortgage to the credit loan? Perhaps you too have become the owner of mortgaged property? If so, it’s in your best interest to first check if you actually need to pay this mortgage off or if it can be cancelled.

We negotiate settlements with banks.

Bills of Exchange

There are many legends about bills of exchange, that is, ways of securing receivables. But there always is a grain of truth at the heart of every legend. And the underlying truth is that it’s very easy to make a simple mistake when utilising them, which results in losing the process and the security. The absence of only one letter on a bill of exchange is enough for it to be declared invalid. For the debtors who signed the bill of exchange, it can be a very quick and painful way of losing money. We belong to the community of legal experts in the field of bill of exchange and promissory note law and we help our Clients use bills of exchange safely. On the other hand, we also know what to look out for in order to avoid bill of exchange-related liability.

Online Business Law and Regulations

We develop e-commerce store rules and regulations, ensuring that they do not contain any prohibited clauses.

Did you know that rules for ordinary consumers have to be developed very carefully so as to avoid responsibility for the use of prohibited clauses, while rules for traders can contain any provisions of your choice? A common mistake made in online shop regulations is giving the same rights to clients/entrepreneurs as to consumers.

Establishment and Transformation of Companies

We help establish and transform companies. We noticed that Clients choose the type of company they want to operate in, in somewhat haphazard way. They know that they want to run their own company but they don’t know which company structure they should choose in order to do so. They often come to us saying that they want to start a limited liability company but they don’t even know that they could face "double" taxation. We help you choose the right company structure to accommodate the needs and requirements of future shareholders.

Ongoing Legal Counsel

Many of our Clients feel safe knowing that they always have a team of legal counsels to rely on who, on an ongoing basis, can answer all their questions, resolve their legal problems, deal with and send out requests for payments, scrutinise contracts, and conduct court proceedings on their behalf.

Our Clients cooperate with us based on hourly rates or a monthly flat rate.

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